Warfare, Week 14

In the weeks leading up to Trial By Fire, Vic Villavicencio and his Circle Orboros has sent incursions into East Neutral Grounds G2, West Makati Marauders and Gears N’ Games, clashing against Steven Peabody’s Retribution of Scyrah and Zach Yonzon’s Cryx, as well as Archie Chan’s Khador and Aerol Bibat’s Cygnar. Packs of Tharn Bloodtrackers secure the borders in these three regions relentlessly in the cover of mists and darkness.

When Trial By Fire erupted across Makati Marauders, fourteen brave souls came from far and wide to lay claim over the forsaken land. Read more about Trial By Fire here.

As the smoke cleared, Circle Orboros still claimed West Makati Marauders, and has subjected Khador’s control of East Makati Marauders into a deadlock.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Quiambao’s Cryx clashed against Carlo Bagapee’s Legion of Everblight at West Neutral Grounds Centris. Jeffrey has a battle report here.

View the Warfare Google Sheets here.

All battle reports and game results welcome.

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East Neutral Grounds Centris

West Neutral Grounds Centris

East Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2

West Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2

Gears N’ Games

The Dragonforge

North Neutral Grounds Megamall

South Neutral Grounds Megamall

North War Room

South War Room

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Please feel free to write any questions or comments about our local Warfare map. I try to update it as best as I can on a weekly basis.
#KickAssWithHonor #GameWithGlory #PinoyWargamer

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