Lich Lord Terminus vs Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight

Battle Report by Jeffrey Quiambao

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Photo by Jeffrey Quiambao


Cryx deployed heavily on the left leaving a deathripper and a machine wraith on the right side. The Everblight line stood with their warbeasts on the left and Nyss swordsmen on the right.

Turn One

Cryx ran hard forward, forking Thralls and the Deathjack to the left and Lich Lord Terminus to the right. Everblight positioned their warbeasts to the left, beyond charge range and Nyss swordsmen to the right, ready to counter the Cryx.

Photo by Jeffrey Quiambao

Turn Two

On the right, Cryx takes half of the Nyss out with magic and a chicken then occupies all 3 objectives as Thralls move aggressively forward to cover attack vectors to Terminus. Forces on the left position to counter.

Photo by Jeffrey Quiambao

Azrael abandons the left to reinforce the right, leaving Scyther to take left rectangle and shepherd to take mid objective. A Succubus took out a brute thrall that failed its tough check (I blame Liam Razo), then Kryssa sprayed the Thralls taking out 3 due to failed tough checks (Damnit Liam Razo)! The Last 3 Nyss charge in to take out two more which also fail tough checks Effin Liam Razo!

One Nyss reaches a tapped out Terminus with Overtake, dealing 2 damage.

Photo by Jeffrey Quiambao

Turn Three

Cryx overrun the left and center of Everblight, taking out the Scyther and engaging the shepherd. Thralls flail at Nyss dealing no damage but Terminus moves backward spending a focus to negate a free strike. He feats, then sprays for 3! Taking out the Nyss to increase his armor to 21. A necrosurgeon ressurected 3 McThralls to provide sacrificial pawns to Terminus.

Legion then goes for it and starts an assassination run moving in with Kryssa to take out the first layer of defense with a spray but one McThrall survives making the run impossible. Game was called as Legion would be outpointed in the 2 following turns.

Jeffrey Quiambao’s Cryx victorious over Carlos Bagapzee’s Legion of Everblight via tapout.

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