Trial By Fire

Trial By Fire! The SCORCHING HEAT outside help set the stage for this epic stage where fourteen brave souls came to throw down in some solid WMH Steamroller kickassery!

Congratulations to:

1st place Champion: Carlos Augusto Murillo Torres (Khador)
2nd place Warlord: Steven Peabody (Retribution of Scyrah)
3rd place Hero: Dick Sy (Skorne)
Artisan: Steve McCallum (Mercenaries)

Cheers to all TRIAL BY FIRE PARTICIPANTS! Mad salute for throwing down through all three rounds of Deathclock gaming! We all know going through that gauntlet is no easy task!

  • Vicvic Villavicencio (Circle Orboros)
  • Joaquin Quema (Trollbloods)
  • Patrick Chua (Trollbloods)
  • Zach Yonzon (Cryx)
  • Erich von Lichnowsky (Cryx)
  • Manu Rabaglia (Convergence of Cyriss)
  • Jan-Michael Suzon (Skorne)
  • Aerol Bibat (Cygnar)
  • Freidrich Lopez (Khador)
  • Fred Escalona (Minions)

Mucho props to Makati Marauders for having us! Last minute seven tables for fourteen bodies is big!

Special thanks to Jam Ibanez for lending us his awesome pro gaming mats! Special thanks to our guests who graced our gig with their presence: Basa Mogul, Archie Chan, Juan Francisco C. Quema!

To get your Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes miniatures, support your local gaming shops – Gears N’ Games, Fortress, The Dragonforge, Arcanopolis, and select branches of Neutral Grounds!

Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!

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