Hobby – Studio Giraldez Airbrushing Basics

I use an airbrush on my miniatures, so this tutorial from Studio Giraldez is just too good to pass up.

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Hobby Expo at Fisher Mall

I got invited by my good buddy, Raphael Gallegos, owner of Fire Sword Board Game Cafe, to demo Guild Ball alongside with X-Wing at the Hobby Expo event in Fisher Mall last Saturday, April 30, 2016. Of course, with a chance to promote more visibility for Guild Ball, I happily accepted.

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Warmachine/Hordes – Hilltop Steamroller

Participants of the Company Of Iron League threw down last Saturday. April 23, 2016 for Hilltop Steamroller! Thanks to Kensei Yonzon and his better half, Aila Yonzon, for having us and taking care of a bunch of grown men playing pretend war with toy soldiers!

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The New MB&B

The new Makati Beer & Boardgames had a soft opening last week, but I only got my first visit to their new setup last Friday, April 29, 2016. Previously, they were located on the second floor of the Languages Internationale building along A. Arnaiz Avenue. They’re still in the same building, but now on the third floor with bigger floor space.

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Warhammer – Waging War At The New Makati B&B

When Makati B&B moved to a bigger floor space, Paolo Punzalan and Jas Tolentino played some old school Warhammer Fantasy games with 1,250 points worth of Empire vs Skaven! Sunny Yu and his Elves also faced off against Bobby Pedeglorio and his Khorne Bloodbound!

Photos by Jas Tolentino and Sunny Yu.

Drop by anytime at Makati B&B and play any game your heart desires! For any comments of questions, post them in the comments box at the end of the article. Thanks for reading! Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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Warhammer Age Of Sigmar – Wood Elves vs Khorne Bloodbound

Wood Elves declare an attack on the fringes of the Chaos realm! Sunny Yu goes on the offensive as he declares an attack on one of Bobby Pedeglorio’s controlled tiles in an ongoing Age Of Sigmar campaign!

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X-Wing – Casual Weekend… With Fishy, Too!

Romy Estrella, along with the X-Wing regulars, Luigi Scarella, Emcee Castillo, Poldo Padua and Ronald Daguman, flew some casual games at Fire Sword Cafe last Sunday, April 24, 2016.

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Gundam Collectible Battle Tactics – Casual Gaming (Week 17)

Beams ripped through metal across this ruined city as the crew of GCBT Philippines played a few casual games for Gundam Collectible Battle Tactics!

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Firestorm Armada – The Red Oktober

“Portion by portion, layer by layer,” John Zablan has made many phenomenal works in the local miniature hobby scene. Here, he shows how he started a Firestorm Armada Terran Fleet for Jeff Yu; up until its magnificent completion.

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Firestorm Armada – House Of Geek Sunday

Laurence “Doclance” Tan visits House Of Geek with his Oroshan fleet and challenges John Zablan’s Relthoza fleet. Photos by Dan Tesoro.

John also designed some game results for that day. Dan Tesoro and his Terrans waged war against Karlo Piscano and his Relthoza x Bakash Allied Fleet.

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Spartan Games Philippines

House of Geek

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