I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Geek And Sundry’s Ruel Gaviola and be featured as an article. Go check it out, show some Pinoy Wargamer love and get some more tabletop game goodness! Kick ass with honor!…

Grymkin by Kim Navarro

Finally, my 75PC Dark Menagerie theme list for The Child is fully-painted, based properly with clear front arc markers! I have been juggling with what to achieve first for this year – whether get the new Man-O-War stuff for Khador,…

Makati Marauders Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Game

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition Stillmania lists Lott Hartmut the Blight Giver’s forces of Nurgle prevail.

Gears & Games WMH April 2018

GNG WMH April 2018 in the books! Congratulations to Louie Lucinio De Guzman for winning 1st place Champion in the tournament with his Cygnar force! Thanks to Mike Ang, Renato Jr Ubay and Timothee Cheng for hosting the tourney and…

Cave Dwellers by Dexter Lacuanan

Being Cave Dwellers, it is natural that both the dwarves and the Night Goblins would have the equal opportunity to put a cave troll’s impressive brute strength to good use. Text and photos by Dexter Lacuanan.

Night Goblins by Dexter Lacuanan

Greetings Fellow Travelers of the Old World! I am glad to have finally finished this long overdue project of mine featuring a Privateer Press’ Hordes Trollblood Extreme Dire Troll Mauler and a couple of Games Workshop’s Oldhammer Night Goblins. The…

WMH Warfare 2018, Week 13

WMH Philippines Warfare 2018 – Week 13 Cubao Chantry joins the warfare! Trollbloods rampage through Makati Marauders, the aftermath of Carnage & Wreckage 2018! As of week 13, six venues have been actively recording and reporting their WMH games. If…

Carnage & Wreckage 2018

And with that, Carnage & Wreckage 2018 is another one for the books! I am glad and thankful that these guys from different crews took time off of their Holy Week/vacation to throw down for some serious Steamroller-standard 75PC WMH…

Wrath of Kings by John Zablan

War Jeepney’s John Zablan has been busy getting some painted Wrath Of Kings on the table!

Maundy Thursday at The Dragonforge

The Dracodile ate well today. Photos by Fred Escalona.