MK3 Retribution vs Khador Battle Report

Hi guys its me again time for the second battle report of friday nights game, this time I’m up against pinoywargamer himself; Kim Navarro, also known as PG_shink1m.


50Pt Game Vs Kommander Sorscha Khador

Retribution Army – 50 / 50 points

(Kaelyssa 1) Kaelyssa, the Night’s Whisper [+29]

– Hyperion [36]
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker [4]
Dawnguard Sentinels (max) [18]
– Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard [4]
– Soulless Escort (1) [1]
Arcanist Mechanik [2]
Mage Hunter Assassin [4]
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios [7]
Ghost Sniper [3]

Khador Army – 50 / 50 points

(Sorscha 1) Kommander Sorscha [+29]

– Juggernaut [12]
– Destroyer [16]
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker [4]
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios [7]
Kell Bailoch [5]
Winter Guard Gun Carriage [18]
Manhunter [4]
Manhunter [4]
Widowmaker Marksman [4]
Saxon Orrik [4]

Pre-game Thoughts

Initially I had thought that i would fight Kim first with a 50pt list, but since I had a match with Kei earlier stepping down from the 75 point game should be easier to handle. I removed the MHSF, an arcanist, and swapped out narn for an MHA. I knew Kim was going to bring something different from his previous lists; hes been trying to limit himself to a “battle box buildup” meaning he builds an army from a battle box whether mk2 or mk3 and upgrades it to certain point levels. I’ve had plenty of games against Kim; never really won a game as far as I recall but I’ve had enough matches with him to know quite a bit about the army so I came into the game confidently, we’re still playing on a clock but this time a 45 minute one so with my previous experience against kei I knew i had to manage my time better.

Opponents Thoughts

Coming into the game, I did not expect a Hyperion on the table. I decided to feel out the course of action after the first turn. Whether to go for assassination or control points would depend on the placement of his first moves.


Kim deployed first this game and it was a relatively quick one, he deploys his battle engine at the center of the board behind the hill, then he flanks his jacks on both sides of the battle engine. Juggernaut to my left and Destroyer to my Right with sorscha and syl between the engine and jugg.

I deployed with a modified Hyperion sandwich since my experience from the earlier game told me that the sandwich wont work as well thanks to the forest on my left. The arcanist, syl and kae sat behind Hype.

For our AD,  Kim deploys the widowmaker marksman, eiyriss1, saxon, kell, and one manhunter to his left. and a lone manhunter to his right.

I attempted to counterdeploy by putting my eiyriss1 and ghost sniper on my right facing his snipers and my MHA beside the forest to my left.

photo by Kim Navarro

Photo by Gino Cobarrubias

photo by Gino Cobarrubias

Round 1 Summary
I apologize for lack of pictures for this game, our phones ran out of battery at this point

Kim playing first decides to run the manhunter up the board right behind the wall, and the widowmaker marksman not far beside it. The battle engine runs up on the hill and eiyriss1, and saxon run up beside it. The two jacks run forward on either side of the hill while sorscha and syl run behind the wagon. The manhunter runs forward on the zone.

Fearing Kim’s ranged superiority against me I advance eiyriss up the hill forgetting that phantom seeker doesn’t ignore stealth and fail her shot. To mitigate my mistake I offered my ghost sniper as a sacrifice and ran him up the board right beside the marksman and manhunter to engage them. I then run my sentinels up the board swinging them to the right flank so that I could charge either a jack or the wagon. I activate the arcanist move him up to the left side and empower hyperion. Kaelyssa then activates moves up 6″ casts blur on the sentinels, refuge on herself and phtantom hunter on hyperion.and keeps the remaining focus. Hyperion moves up and with phatom hunter shoots down the manhunter on my left with boosted attack and damage rolls instantly killing it. Syl moves up between kae and the hyperion and I completely forget the existence of the MHA here.

Photo by Gino Cobarrubias

Round 2 Summary

Kim didnt have any spells to upkeep and didn’t allocate any focus this round. He activates the destroyer and charges my ghost sniper instantly killing it and freing up his manhunter and marksman. The manhunter charges eiyriss killing her. The marksman now free takes a shot at one of my sentinels and kills it even if they were at def 15 thanks to blur. Kim’s battle engine advances next stays behind the wall and shoots at my sentinels but thanks to their high arm and blur they survive with no damage. Kell Bailoch moves up shoots at the soulless. He then moves up the jugg close to his objective and he runs up sorscha and syl to his right close behind the juggernaut.

For my maintainance syl upkeeps refuge for free and I let blur go to get back my 7 focus, thanksto losing 1 sentinel venegeance triggers allowing me to advance my sentinels 3″ up the board.

I activate my arcanist first and empire hyperion. Kae moves up attempts to shoot the manhunter but misses then casts phantom hunter on hyperion again and then pops feat. Hyperion advances shoots the battle engine with starcanon not boosting and dealing about a quarter of its life in damage. He then manages to get 3 shots on his right thresher gun and kills kell, saxon and eiyriss with, he then fires the remaining single tresher shots at the battle engine reducing it to a little more than half its life. The sentinels activate and charge separate targets. One Sentinel Charges a Manhunter, Three charge the destroyer, the rest charge the battle engine whil the UA and flagman get to the center to maximize his command zone. Several big rolls for me; I deal major damage to the destroyer with three charge attacks and keep the marksman engaged . The rest kill the battle engine with their charge attacks, I then pop feat to protect my sentinels from sorscha’s feat. My MHA runs to the back of the jugg to engage it.

Photo by Kim Navarro

Round 3 Summary

Kim decides to run sorscha to the far edge of the table to dominate the zone while using windrush for extra movement and def. The jugg instantly kills the MHA. Saxon and Eiyriss move closer to Kim’s friendly zone but couldnt shoot his guns thanks to my feat. The Destroyer killed my MHA with a simple punch. The jugg kills a few of my sentinels but doesnt remove enough. The widowmaker marksman attempts to fight in close combat but couldnt deal some damage thanks to the armor. Kim ends his turn gaining 1 CP by dominating his zone.

My turn I forget to upkeep refuge and give hyperion 1 focus, vengeance triggers dealing a few damage on the Jugg, and killing the marksman, cast Phantom Hunter on hyperion and advance her up to the zone. The dawnguard sentinels charge into the juggernaut finally killing it. I try premeasuring to see if hype could charge the destroyer but lacked the distance to do so; instead i advanced hyperion advanced 5″ left and tried to shoot at sorcha with the starcannon he misses and the shot scatters far; looking back I think i should have just shot the destroyer with it instead since my thresher cannons couldnt do anything to dent his armor. I end my turn and get 1CP

Round 4 Summary

Kim casts boundless charge and allocates 2 focus to his destroyer; and windrushes herself to gain some extra def. Towards the center of the zone. The Destroyer then charges my hyperion and unleashes all its attacks on it; destroying his right side completely. He ends his turn with 2 CP.

I cast banishing ward on the sentinels to prevent sorscha from casting her spells on them and move to the center of the zone but only to toe in to dominate it while being in safe distance from sorschas feat. My sentinels run towards Kim’s zone but lack the movement to contest it. I run syl towards the edge of his zone to contest it since I knew id lose the game if this went on to attrition. I had my arcanist move up and repair the hyperion giving ti back 6 boxes on his right side. Hyperion toes in Kims zone and proceeds to attack the destroyer, however I rolled very low and barely did any damage worth taking note of. I end my turn with 2 CP.

Photo by Kim Navarro

Round 5 Summary

Kim allocates 3 focus on the destroyer. He advances Sorscha and shoots syl killing him and pops his feat, freezing everything in his control. The jugg now with a frozen hyperion attacks it with 5 attacks instantly destroying it. Kim ends his turn with 3 CP.

I dont to upkeep refuge, but remember banishing ward since i wanted to maximize my focus, losing syl was a bad for me. I opt to move Kae to the center left edge of my zone and shoot the destroyer with mechanikal seizure boosting to hit and to damage, I hit and do minimal damage but I just needed the destroyer stationary. I try shooting sorscha once and boosted to damage but windrush defense prevented me from doing anything. Since I didn’t have refuge upkept i was dangerously close to the edge with 3 focus i was at risk of being assassinated. My sentinels being frozen couldnt do anything as well. I end my turn with 3 CP.

Round 6 Summary

I’m guessing kim weighed the risk of winning via assassination over winning via objective in his head. He upkept windrush with his sylys, had 7 focus windrushed himself closer and charged my kaelyssa, he used all of his attacks leaving if i recall correctly 1 or 2 focus. Luckily for me he rolled terribly and the 3 focus i had remaining managed to prevent 15 damage leaving kae down to 3 hitboxes. He couldnt move close enough to his zone to dominate it keeping him at 3CP.

At this point I knew what I had to do; either assassinate or dominate. I had enough guys to test my theory out so i opted to charge 3 of the sentinels towards his objective; killing it with 3 charge attacks giving me 1 CP, the rest of the sentinels charged sorscha and all missed thanks to his high def from windrush. Kaelyssa had 7 focus at this point; casted refuge and charged sorscha, however my attacks only hit once dealing somewhere around 8 damage which he negated with powerfield, scared of losing my advantage I kept my remaining focus and windrushed back to the zone ignoring freestrikes. I ended my turn and won via scenario at 5CP.

Photo by Kim Navarro

Post-game Thoughts

With this i’ve proven to myself at least that Hyperion is now a model that works really well with kaelyssa, phantom hunter negates any cover,concealment and stealth which makes hyperion a very frightening mobile weapons platform with the ability to hit really hard in melee. The sentinels will forever be my crutch unit especially with their buff in MK3 having vengeance as a passive and iron zeal from the UA. I also learned to be careful about my upkeeps seeing as not up-keeping refuge nearly cost me the game, if Kim’s assassination attempt just rolled a little bit higher all my hard work would have been for naught.

Kim’s post game thoughts

I thought I had everything under acceptable control until I utterly failed the caster kill run against Kaelyssa. I was definitely surprised at how my lowly Juggernaut managed to deal that much damage to your colossal. 12PC of awesomeness IMHO. That would have been my MVP pick for my game.

But regardless, it was still an awesome game. You played it cool until the end and deserve the win.

Overall it was a good game!

Watch out for new battle reports next week with me fighting either Kim, Manu who’s returning from France with his Circle or JM’s everything if he manages to get to the store early enough, otherwise its a battlebox game for me and JR’s menoth.

Here are Kim’s notes

Windrush isn’t an upkeep and he had to cast it every time. Colossals cannot be made stationary he had to roll to hit rolls against it but at def 10 it was an easy roll either-way.

I also apparently misremembered events but heres how kim remember the death of hyperion happen:

The Juggernaut did a lot of damage to it on its charge. When you ripped it apart with Hyperion, Sorscha had to deal the destroying blow on it with a charge too I had nothing left in my force to do it since you broke my two jacks already.

All New Warfare at Charlie Does Manila – Protectorate, Retribution, Khador and Cygnar

Warmachine/Hordes Philippines’ very own Silver Swan, Kei Valentin, braved the rain and Friday Makati traffic, dropped by Charlie Does Manila and challenged the tables with his Cygnar force led by Captain Kara Sloan! Charlie Does Manila was packed, the regular CDM crew was there; Rafael Javier, Aerol Bibat, Steve McCallum, Rayray Raymz; playing a big game of Scythe while the WMH crew; JR Roxas and Gino Cobarrubias (PhearTheHam) were setting up the tables for our games.

I brought a small Khador force which comprised of the old Mk1 Sorscha1 battlebox, and enough models to bring it up to 50PC so I can also play bigger games. I got to play my first Rumble games against JR’s Protectorate of Menoth, but Kei got to play his first Mk3 game, big pointage at that, against Gino’s Retribution of Scyrah.

Here’s a run down of the games we got to play that day:

“Your reputation rings far and wide, Kommander,” Malekus held his burning blades aloft, pointing a challenge across the field. The Protectorate warcaster churned up the air with his magic; haze and cinder rolling up towards the Khador battle line. “By the Creator’s Will, you will fall today.”

Kommander Sorscha did not make any reply. Flanked by two Khador warjacks, she walked towards the Protectorate warcaster. Before her first step hit the ground, the warcaster vanished in a rush of icy mist.

Game 1: Kim’s Kommander Sorscha victorious over JR’s Malekus, the Burning Truth
Battlebox Rumble Scenario – Patrol
Khador +2, Protectorate of Menoth +1
Boosted damage roll from her hand cannon, and boosted damage roll from Razor Wind against a stationary Malekus won Sorscha1 her first Patrol.

Game 2: JR’s Malekus, the Burning Truth, victorious over Kim’s Kommander Sorscha
Battlebox Rumble Scenario – Patrol
Protectorate of Menoth +2, Khador +1
Sorscha1 failed her assassination run, and got defeated by a charge from an Ignite Revenger.

Game 3: Kim’s Kommander Sorscha victorious over JR’s Malekus, the Burning Truth
Battlebox Rumble Scenario – Patrol
Khador +2, Protectorate of Menoth +1
Charging through stationary warjacks, Sorscha1’s Shatter Frostfang brought down the Protectorate warcaster

Learning of the massive undertaking that the Retribution begun at Charlie Does Manila, Cygnar promptly assembled a large force to quell the expansion and drive the Iosans back. The Retribution fought back, sending a massive Hyperion to the field! As the battle drew on until sunset, Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper, seeing her forces being too thin on the field, sounded a retreat, trying to lead the Cygnar force away from the Retribution foundation site.

Game 4: Kei’s Captain Kara Sloan victorious over Gino’s Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper
75PC Steamroller 2016 – Entrenched
Cygnar +12, Retribution of Scyrah +1
Click here to check out PhearTheHam’s battle report.

As the remaining Stormblades started to take chase on the fleeing Iosans, Captain Kara Sloan recognized the value of converting the site to serve Cygnar’s expansion into Charlie Does Manila instead. She ordered the remainder of her forces to establish a forward camp, and took a specialized battlegroup to reconnoiter the surrounding area.

En route towards the Protectorate encampment, Malekus crossed paths with the Cygnar captain’s patrol. With renewed strength, Malekus rushed to engage Captain Sloan in battle. Massive shots rang through the rainy Charlie Does Manila night skies, and with overextended resources, the Protectorate warcaster fell to ranged superiority delivered by the Cygnaran warjacks. 

“The Protectorate is also here.” Sloan muttered under her breath. Sensing that her warjacks were also running on low, she dismissed any thoughts of further escalating the battle and withdrew back to camp.

Game 5: Kei’s Captain victorious over JR’s Malekus, the Burning Truth
Battlebox Rumble Scenario – Patrol
Cygnar +2, Protectorate of Menoth +1
Well, not really a legit Cygnar battlebox but a legit 0PC battlegroup. Ranged dominance even on such a small board.

“Great Prince, I have news from the front. The Kommander…” Vladimir Tzepesci cut off the Uhlan with a gesture. 

“Punishment for Orsus,” Zevanna Agha said, sitting atop her warjack. The crows about them fell silent. Vladimir nodded his head in agreement. “The Supreme Kommandant will continue stifling her supplies, you know. It is cruel, but I have to agree with Irusk’s methods of discipline.” The Old Witch flicked a piece of bread to the crows at Scrapjack’s feet.

The aged warcaster let out an audible sigh. “Sorscha can take care of herself, you know.” Zevanna motioned to dismiss the Uhlan waiting on them. 

The Great Prince of Umbrey uttered no words. His dark eyes searched the skies for a sign of good fortune.

Game 6: Gino’s Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper, victorious over Kim’s Kommander Sorscha
50PC Steamroller 2016 – Entrenched
Retribution of Scyrah +8, Khador +1
Failing to kill Kaelyssa after a charge, the Khador warcaster was easily dispatched with a swift counter attack.


View the All New Warfare 2016 Sheets file here.

MK3 Retribution vs Cygnar Battle Report

Hey guys I’m Gino also known as PhearTheHam online, new contributor to PWG gonna start off with a battle report from yesterday’s first game (July 22, 2016).


Game 1 – 75Pt Game Vs Kara Sloan Cygnar

Ok so my first game for the day was against Kei’s Cygnar.

The lists are as follows

Retribution Army – 74 / 75 points

(Kaelyssa 1) Kaelyssa, the Night’s Whisper [+29]
– Hyperion [36]
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker [4]
Dawnguard Sentinels (max) [18]
– Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard [4]
– Soulless Escort (1) [1]
Arcanist Mechanik [2]
Ghost Sniper [3]
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios [7]
Mage Hunter Strike Force (max) [16]
– Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander [4]
Arcanist Mechanik [2]
Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios [6]

Cygnar Army – 75 / 75 points

(Sloan 1) Captain Kara Sloan [+28]
– Hunter [11]
– Hunter [11]
– Defender [16]
– Defender [16]
– Squire [5]
Stormblade Infantry [10]
– Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard [5]
Journeyman Warcaster [4]
– Stormclad [18]
Captain Arlan Strangewayes [4]
Field Mechaniks (min) [3]

Pre Game Thoughts

So I haven’t fought Cygnar in a long while since few Cygnar players rarely showed up at the tail end of MK2 but Kei was one of the first people I played against when I was starting out and I knew he was gonna bring his A game. I honestly haven’t researched about the changes to Cygnar MK3 so I simply went the logic of I’ll find out when I need to I already have a clear plan in mind when I was building the lists anyway; I simply had to adjust for the changes in MK3 Cygnar when it came after all it wouldn’t be that big of a change.


So playing with the clock, ; it took me 5 mins to deploy mainly because i havent prepared all my things yet (my bad). I stuck with my initial thought of deploying Hype on the center of the table, flanked by 6 man squads of sentinels, Kae, Syl and two arcanists right behind hype and MHSF right in the middle of the field to gain a wide killing zone. Kei opts to deploy kara behind the hill flanked by two defenders, the full unit of stormblades and their stormclad on their objective side with the mechanic, junior and arlan behind them. for AD i placed all my solos on the left flank to face the stormclad group; Kei deploys the hunters on each side of the table.

Round 1 Summary

I run the MHSF about 10″ forward since im still out of range of any of Kei’s forces; which would turn out to be a big mistake, I didn’t know Kara1 had Battlegroup Truesight so the stealth i was relying on was rendered useless. I advance to toe into the forest expecting the hunter to camp there, Eiyriss also toes in on the other forest, and i just center the ghost sniper facing the other hunter and storm lances to try and take pot shots. Hyperion and the sentinels run 10″ forward. Syl advances up the board; another mistake that would bite me later, two arcanists hide behind Hyperion and kaelyssa advances forward casts blur on the Sentinels and refuge on herself.

Kei moves kara up on the hill, casts Firegroup, Guided Fire, and Refuge then proceeds to shoot my MHSF UA instantly killing it thanks to her ranged attack buffs then she moves back to the back edge of the hill to escape my Range 12 guns. The Hunter on my left moves to the forest and shoots at eiryss, hitting her even with her def 16 and killing her instantly thanks to armor piercing and guided fire. The other hunter moves to behind the wall shoots at Syl instantly killing him. The two defenders move on top of the hill and shoots at my two mage hunters, def 14 is nothing to guided fire and with arm 11 my MHSF might as well be armed with paper, finally he moves up his storm blades, storm clad, arlan and junior up the board with junior casting arcane shield on the stormblades.

Round 2 Summary

I upkeep refuge and not blur; hoping that Kei shoots some of my guys next turn so that i can trigger vengeance moves. I advance the remaining MHSF up on the middle of the board and toe in one of my MHSF on his zone, but not over committing so that his Stormblades wont have enough targets to charge at, This time i feel the loss of arcane assassin hit hard, I was hoping to at least kill half of the stormblades with my MHSF shooting but without arcane assassin i no longer ignore the arm bonus from arcane shield and manage to only kill one of his guys, three of the mage hunters wanted to shoot at the hunter behind the wall but with the change to their UA ability the already high def of the hunter coupled with the cover bonus makes him a bad target so i opted to shoot at the defender on the hill but even if all the shots hit their high arm prevented any damage from the mage hunters even with jack hunter. Lacking the distance i needed to charge the hunter on the wall I opted to simply run to engage it with three sentinels and hid the others behind the wall on my side of the table and kept them together with wall of steel because even if I wanted to lose a sentinel to trigger venegance i didn’t want to lose a lot; but like an idiot i forgot pre-measuring existed in MK3 and mis estimated my UA’s placement causing the three sentinels engaging the hunter to end up out of formation by a fraction of an inch. Ghost sniper moves to the edge of the forest and kills once stormblade then uses swift hunter to enter it.

Kei up-kept refuge on Kara moved her up popped her feat, cast guided fire and saved some focus and proceeded to shoot the hell out of hyperion; her first shot dealt 11 damage dealing a huge chunk of damage on the shield, her second shot however resulted in triple 1’s it was probably the only thing that saved hyperion from death this round. His hunters moved up the board; the other one escaping free strikes since the sentinels engaging him were out of formation, and shot at hyperion again both for massive damage thanks to kara’s feat and boosted damage rolls from their extra focus, the two defenders on the hill did the same nearly killing hyperion leaving him with 7 boxes. My mage hunter screen however worked as the stormclad could only charge 1 mage hunter, killing it with his weapon and killing a second with one e-leap, with nothing else to hit his extra initial attack and focus does nothing.

Round 3 Summary 

On my turn I upkeep refuge and allocate 1 focus to hyperion. I activate Kae first, move her up 6 inches, pop feat and shoot the hunter on my right with a mechkanical seizure, boosting to hit with it hoping to cause it to become stationary; which it does sadly though my damage roll was terrible and ended up with triple ones on a boosted damage roll, as I end her turn I advance her up next to the objective and camp 3 focus. I activate the sentinels next and declare a run charge order, with 5 of my guys charging the storm clad and the rest just run to keep within formation or holding back in case of a counter charge, they melt the stormclad on the charge and then the UA pops feat to get some added survivability since the storm lancers are now at minimal strength and without the storm clad to support them their wall of steal + iron zeal should be enough to prevent them from dying. The mage hunters just run forward to the middle of the field. Narn charges the stormblades UA, instantly killing it with 4 dice and uses his sprint to engage junior and a stormblade from behind, and the ghost sniper snipes the flagman. The two arcanists repair hyperion for if i recall correctly 8 damage. Hyperion activates and moves up hiding kae behind him and shoots his starcannon at kara, but misses catching a single sentinel in the blast instead but pow 9 vs arm 20 wont kill it easily.

I forgot to take pictures for Kei’s half of round 3 but essentially he upkeeps refuge, shakes off the stationary on the hunter and upkeeps arcane shield for his maintenance. First he activates kara, casts guided fire and fire group, shoots the hyperion and kills it, she then refuges behind the hill. The Hunter on my right advances up the hill shoots at kae does terrible damage even with me powerfielding to protect her. The two defenders go down the hill and do the same, their attacks leave her at 3 boxes, luckily for me my sentinel wall prevented the other hunter from getting LoS to Kae keeping me alive for that turn with that hunter he opts to shoot at the sentinel on the hill. Arlan uses a spray to kill narn freeing up junior and a stormblade, the storm blade run up the board just to jam my sentinels charge lanes. Junior charges the ghost sniper and kills it with his attack.


Round 4 Summary

At this point i noticed my clock had a little under 5 min left, so i had to move quick. On my maintainance i upkept refuge and activated venegeance, clearing out the stormblade block. Kae charged the hunter on her but did poorly not doing enough damage to kill it but i think it lost one or both its arms on the charge at least protecting me from retaliation. I charged my mage hunters on his defenders to prevent them from shooting even dealing about 10 damage on the blue defender. The sentinels charge junior, but sadly I ran out of time with only 0.4 seconds on the clock left i opted to cut my turn short.

Kei couldn’t do anything on his turn as well, he moved kara up tried to snipe kae but the def buff on the hill + the engaged status caused him to miss the shot breaking his dreams for a clean caster kill. The defenders couldn’t kill the mage hunters thanks to their def14. He also ended his turn short and on my turn I auto lose from the clock.

Round  5 Summary

Post game thoughts

I honestly believe my tactics and overall strategy was sound, its just that the amount of new information for MK3 caused delays in my thoughts eating up precious time; especially on a high model count 75PT game. Kei was saying if we didn’t have the clock id have won either on point, caster kill or attrition. I was saying no it was a close game he could still have killed kae on any turn especially with having just 3 boxes left.

Overall good game.

Notes from the community

Apparently I mistook the symbol for Blessed for Magical so the MHSF does retain its previous ability to ignore bonuses to def and arm from spells and animi! Thanks to 5-Cents for pointing that out!

Hope you enjoyed reading, hit me up if you’re up for a game

Photos by Gino Cobarrubias

All New Warfare at Charlie Does Manila – Protectorate, Retribution, Khador and Minions

The warring factions of the Iron Kingdoms have sent patrols to Charlie Does Manila. It was during one of these reconnaissance missions that the Protectorate of Menoth’s Malekus, the Burning Truth first encountered the Retribution of Scyrah’s Magister Helynna. The Retribution warcaster had the Burning Truth down with her Manticore, but sensing the sudden appearance of Protectorate forces nearby, Helynna withdrew her battlegroup from the field. Battered armor and all, Malekus rose to his feet, vowing to bring down righteous judgment on the Retribution.

Game 1: Gino’s Magister Helynna victorious over JR’s Malekus, the Burning Truth
Battlebox Rumble Scenario – Patrol
Retribution of Scyrah +2, Protectorate of Menoth +1

Kommander Sorscha was moving north into Charlie Does Manila, and accidentally stumbled upon a Retribution foundation site. Incissar Vyross immediately took to the field with his myrmidons, meeting the Khadoran warcaster head on! The Retribution Soulless Escort ruined Sorscha’s attempt to cripple the large unit of Dawnguard Sentinels, but even with their vicious charge, Beast-09’s armor stood dauntless to their blades. Knowing that more Retribution forces will arrive, the Khadoran warcaster rendered the Incissar’s battlegroup immobile with her Icy Gaze, and withdrew from the foundation site with her force.

Game 2: Kim’s Kommander Sorscha (Sorscha1) victorious over Gino’s Vyross, Incissar of the Dawnguard (Vyross2)
50PC SR2016 Scenario – The Pit
Khador +3, Retribution of Scyrah +1

Malekus, the Burning Truth, continued beyond his usual patrol route in search for the Magister Helynna, only to find himself further in unfamiliar territory. His battlegroup, running low on resources, was ambushed by a Blindwater Congregation force led by Bloody Barnabas! Although his will was resolute, he knew his warjacks cannot stand more punishment from more Blackhide Wrastlers. It was then that Malekus felt sharp claws dig through his armor, and everything fell to black.

Game 3: Fred’s Bloody Barnabas victorious over JR’s Malekus, the Burning Truth
Battlebox Rumble
Minions +2, Protectorate of Menoth +1


View the All New Warfare 2016 Sheets file here.

Blood Angels by Clarence Cayetano

At last!!! It is DONE! My very first Imperial Knight! House Raven , Imperial Knight Warden “Ferrous Maximus”. Fully pose-able and has provision to swap out its Avenger Gatling Cannon for a Battle cannon depending on the situation and points value. Carapace is removable still for future modification (lights and sounds). I also completed a unit of Blood Angels Tactical Marines from the 3rd Company, 5th squad. It was a very challenging and fun build and I was always on the look out to pick out details here and there to produce a battle worn look. Forgive the camera quality but the pictures actually don’t give the figure any justice. Can’t wait to use him on some future battles. Enjoy!!!
– Clarence Cayetano

The War On Terror

Follow the aftermath of Operation: Flamestrike in the Philippines as Jay “ManongGuard” Estaris takes on Joscar “Silvertongue” Malacaman in a special 150-point scenario designed by Terror, himself.

Check out my friends’ new Youtube channel, War Jeepney! Don’t forget to Like the video and Subscribe!

Necromunda Terrain by Steve McCallum

Repairing air purifiers in the underhive requires armed escorts. Parts for the pieces came from office supply trash and bits from discarded PCs.
– Steve McCallum

Soylent Green Factory/Dice Tower by Steve McCallum

Soylent Green Factory/Dice Tower complete. History of the Imperium of Man gives most credit for the success of humankind to the Emperor. Soylent Green is often overlooked. Without the invention of Soylent Green in 2022 mankind would never have lasted long enough to allow the Emperor to be born. Beastmen are often tasked to guard Soylent Green factories because, being beastmen, they won’t eat all the profits.
– Steve McCallum

Terran Alliance Fleet by John Zablan

Firestorm Armada Terran Fleet (Russian Fleet) for Jeff Yu. Pics and painting by John Zablan.

Oh my goodness!
– Jeff Yu

Ang ganda ng battle cruisers! (Those battle cruisers are beautiful!)
– Ayo Supangco

Spartan Games

Baleful Realm Gates by Dexter Lacuanan

Warhammer Baleful Realm Gates; photos and post production by Dexter Lacuanan.

Greetings Fellow Travelers of the Old World! I managed to paint my second Baleful Realm Gate and this time, I painted it to match my High Elf Army. The idea being, I paint several Realm Gates to match my different Warhammer Old World armies.
– Dexter Lacuanan