Guild Ball Philippines Tour – House Of Geek

Photos by Dino Yu

Photos by Kim Navarro

Photos by Karlo Piscano

First of all, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the amazing folks at House Of Geek for making the first stop of the Guild Ball Philippines Tour the massive success that it was last Saturday, February 6, 2016.

We had a good mix of toy soldier youngbloods and some miniwargamer veterans who all braved the rain and traffic to try out Guild Ball first hand! So yes, we did a short demo. And yes, we had the participants of the demo play in a tournament immediately after the demo. We had them play some starter guilds at random and here are the lovely people we had that day:

  • Aja Mojica
  • Carlo Pulido
  • Karlo Piscano
  • Ayp Supangco
  • John Atienza
  • Chinggay Tarnate
  • John Zablan
  • Neil Padilla
  • Joyce Tan
  • Adrian Tobias

Congratulations to our Guild Ball Champion, Carlo Pulido, who not only played Butchers that day, but won himself a Butcher’s Guild starter set as well. Our 2nd place winner, John Zablan, played Fishermen and got to take home a Guild Ball rulebook.

There were two special raffles that day, too! John Atienza, who also played Fishermen, won himself a Guild Ball rulebook. And, as it turns out, one of the two damsels who participated that day, Chinggay Tarnate, celebrated her birthday. So when her name came out as the second raffle winner, we decided she get to pick what guild starter she’ll take home – and so she picked Engineers, which she played her three games that day!

Thanks again to Karlo Piscano and Joyce Tan for having us! Thanks also to Dino Yu, Gerard Sarmenta and Fred Escalona for making it happen for the Guild Ball community in the Philippines!

So let’s keep the ball rolling, pun intended! Next stop – Fire Sword Cafe!

Warmachine/Hordes – 2016 Inaugural Tournament

My first games for WMH this year was in a four-man tournament at Pitshop last Saturday. We hoped there would have been more players, but a lot backed out at the last minute. The guys there still pushed through with the event.

  • Kim Navarro, Khador, 1st-place Champion
  • Jon Lansang, Convergence of Cyriss, 2nd-place Warlord
  • Gino Cobarrubias, Retribution of Scyrah, 3rd-place Hero
  • Jeff Yu, Cygnar

Thanks to Mike Ang for hosting the event. Thanks to my opponents for the great games all around!

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Guild Ball – Morticians vs Union

I got to play with my first game using a fully-painted, Bret Hart-inspired, six-man Union team last Friday at Makati B&B. It was against Fred Escalona’s Mortician’s Guild, with which he has a new addition – Bonesaw, the Morticians’ new striker.

My lineup was Blackheart, Coin, Decimate, Gutter, Snakeskin and Mist. I had to bring in Snakeskin because Rage’s left arm fell off during transport.

Fred’s Mortician’s Guild lineup was Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, Ghast, Casket and Bonesaw.

He was trying to play some football game, but I was trying out the Gutter Thresher move, so I went in the first turns of the game trying to bloody up his team. Gutter managed to take out Obulus early, which successfully messed up Fred’s game. The Union won with a score of 12-2; bodycount for the first 8 points, and then a Screamer Snap Shot from Blackheart for the final 4 points.

I learned from Chris Hay that Gutter’s Scything Blow is unaffected by Blackheart’s Commanding Aura, which is too bad; but is affected by Rage’s Tooled Up. I’ll be looking forward to playing more with my Union now that it’s fully painted.

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Hobby – Hiding Seams On Organic Models

Original post by Cornumortem of Bell Of Lost Souls.


Let’s talk about how to quickly hide model seam lines on organic models. It’s easier than you think!

It’s quick and easy and you’ll save yourself a ton of frustration scraping plastic and kneading little strips of green stuff.

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Firestorm Armada – Relthoza vs RSN Ba’Kash

Relthoza vs RSN Ba’Kash at House of Geek. Battle report by John Zablan. Originally posted on Spartan Games Philippines Facebook group page.


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Firestorm Armada – Terran Alliance vs Relthoza

Terran Alliance vs Relthoza at House of Geek. Battle report by John Zablan. Originally posted on Spartan Games Philippines Facebook group page.



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Guild Ball – Kim’s Guilds

Painted up to decent tabletop gaming and match report quality! Boar joins the Butchers, along with a contracted Rage. Fangtooth and Hemlocke round up the Fishermen. I’m making a match report between these two teams so stay tuned!

Hobby – Where We Paint/Assemble/Convert/Store

Back in February 2015, I posted this on the Pinoy Wargamer Facebook group page:

Hobby nerds! Post your hobby areas/rooms/corners! I’d like to see them. I’m sure others would wanna see, too!

Guild Ball – Kim’s Guilds

I got some painting done over the long vacation, focusing primarily on getting my demo teams painted for my Pundit application (which I already submitted).

Also, with my first manga-style match report’s spotlight on Rage, I just had to paint him (which I literally finished just a few minutes ago). I copied Bill the Butcher’s scheme when they faced off in the first big melee of Gangs Of New York, but of course, I had to sneak in the pink shade on the model. Best there is, best there was and best there ever will be!

Here’s to getting more painting done in 2016! Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!